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iceman1 May 19th, 2005 08:50 AM

I have xp and have done eberything I can think of and have read all the help tricks and still I can't connect. I also got an error that read "Limewire was unable to start the digital audio access protocol service (for sharing files in iTunes). This feature will be turnrd off. You can turn it back on in options, under iTunes-> sharing." I checked this option but when I went to hit apply or ok, it would erase the check mark. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

fabion May 19th, 2005 02:31 PM

Make sure your firewalls are properly configured. check out this link for instructions to the most common ones.

On your itunes after you check the box click apply then okay in that order. If you don't have iTunes leave it disabled.

If the above doesn't help provide the following information.

Computer type and CPU
Operating system and service pack (MAC,Win98)
Hard Disk Drive
Java Version
LimeWire version
Modem type and model no.
Router type and model no.
Connection type (Dialup,ADSL,DSL,Cable)
Where are you connecting from (Home,Office,School)

Thank you

I asked a Mod. to move this post to the correct forum. I am also going to ask your other post be deleted to comply with forum rules.

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