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droctogon24 June 14th, 2005 09:39 PM

Why do i see Connecting... always?
Hello, I have been having a problem with limewire for a while now, I have 40 songs """downloading"""" at the moment but the only problem is they arent actually downloading, they have like 20-95% done but all i see now is Connecting... even if i wait for like 3 hours.........nothing will happen nothing will download BUT once in a blue moon something will actually start DLing again but it will go for 1-4 kb/s andwill alst for about 5-10 seconsd before going back down to 0 and say the connecting thing again.....i tried out seeing if it was something wrong with the files somehow or if it was something else so i tried DLing a random song and starts downloading at 50-70kb/s......but when its done nothing else happens, COULD ANYONE please help me out with this any suggestions would help

Lord of the Rings June 15th, 2005 04:49 AM

The best ways to restart your incomplete files.

* Search the topic of each again.
* Vary the searches.
* Browse the hosts of that or similar files, which can sometimes restart incompletes if you have more than one file from a particular user. Also sometimes incomplete files can be browsed to the source if they have the chat icon visible.
* Do a direct connect to the user, which has a similar effect to the latter. See Direct Connect & Browsing (3rd post has links.)
* Use the Resume/Find Sources button. (Warning: Don't use the Resume button on all incomplete files. This can have side-fx such as affect LW's connection quality. May queue your files for much much longer. This will also stress LW & your comp. If you use Resume/Find sources then just apply it to a couple or so at one time.

*** Some hints:

- After opening LW wait 10 to 20 mins before using. Let it settle down 1st.

- A well set-up LW can start to automatically continue its dwnlding after it's settled down perhaps 2 out of 3 times you open LW. Optimising LW & Maximising Uplds & Dwnlds A & also Part B (1st post only but ignore the banning of ip's on a network as LW has since overcome this problem) & last & least are search & dwnld hints. The latter one I've been thinking about re-writing for some time. That's just for playing it safe. eg- I show all speeds & qualities.


Lord of the Rings March 5th, 2006 01:58 PM

If you're trying to find a particular type of a file, varying your search can help, keeping in mind people sometimes mispell titles for their files. Here's an example of finding a particular type of file: Can't search well help. Sometimes an Any Type search can bring in different results to a specific media type search. Personally I generally use Any type search to help me find those rarer files.

Keep in mind browsing host can help to continue a file downlding. If a file falters its downlding, try to browse the host to see if they still have open slots & this can help to restart the downld as well as possibly find another source (host) or more. Browsing hosts of hosts who obviously share similar files can also find more sources & possibly other files you're interested in. To browse, you should have browse enabled & if the other person does also, it makes it easier to browse them. Having available upload & downld bandwidth & slots will promote success with browsing.

Direct connecting is another way to continue files downlding. But both you & the other person must be firewall free or have their firewalls properly configured to be able to direct connect, & also both have upload & downld bandwidth & slots available. They need to be still online also. But it's a good technique to reconnect to someone after restarting LW if the conditions are good as described.

Firewall problems can be solved by configuring your computer's software firewall, & by enabling UPnP on your modem/router or alternatively manually forwarding a port for LW on such a device; see Connection problems? Check here first! (click on link) for instructions.

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