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PureSanity August 2nd, 2016 05:11 PM

Venting Insanity
Miss-using the internet

Typically, people are used to connecting to each other through direct conversations. This form of connection is the strongest form for an individual being, as it's easier to remember important details about a person i.e. Face, Voice, Name, etc., ...

As a person who has played lots of games and wasted his chance at a good education through high school. I can honestly say that games have destroyed me both mentally and emotionally. Sure its easy to say from one person to the other "exercise self-restraint", but to do so is a completely different story.
The internet is a marvellous invention that connects the entire globe of people and different cultures. The greatest misuse of this invention is online gaming
Games are a form of entertainment meant to relieve people of stress, by helping them escape from reality an embrace the virtual world. The same thing can be said with cigarettes, although their original intentions were to calm the nerves of people, people also found themselves craving it more and more. And once something becomes a consistent habit, it transformers from being a simple habit of stress relief and becomes a typical addiction.
Online gaming induces this addiction by constantly enticing gamers to keep playing the game more and more. Whether it’s to simply want to beat others with the desire to be on top or constantly giving in to the games transactional method of micro transactions to trick players into put more & more money into the game.
But unlike cigarettes Online gaming deprives the users of physical connection to the real world, this can often lead to social problems such as Depression, Anxiety and Difficulties of interacting with people in the real world, including the people closest to them, such as family members.

This is primarily due to the one requirement games demand from their players, this demand is FOCUS. Focus is a skill used in everyday life, whether it’s working a job or education, everyday life teaches people to interact with others and work as a team to accomplishing a goal. Goals are often related to serving other people, which gamers aren’t use to do doing outside the virtual field. So when they’re asked to interact with people outside the virtual world they’re typical responses would be “ I don’t know what to do in this situation”. By being deprived of humanity’s most common method of communication conversations, they have adapted themselves into a different language in the virtual world. Finding it difficult to adjust themselves, when their asked to interact with people and have simple conversations. Leading to personal issues such as anxiety: difficulty to cope with pressure; Depression:_______ and worse a mentality for violence.
Sure it may seem harmless to say that “it’s a game we aren’t using weapons” but it’s simply not true. Children should not be introduced to things such as weapons or any method to kill anything in that matter. As human beings it is always frond up to kill each other, so in a future where we aim to stop the cause of needless violence it would be easier to do so if it is stopped promoting in life particular. Evidence of this violent mentality can be seen in children, who think it’s cool to use a gun. Even kids as young as five years old find themselves knowing the types of guns their using in the game. One game in particular the encourages violence is Call of Duty. Although the label on it clearly states MA 15+ some parents still ignore the warning on the label and buy their kids the game. Sure it’s a stressful life to be a parent, but buying your children games that are highly addictive and encourage violence often reflects on their personality in the future. Finding it cool to play other violent games such as GTA, Battlefield, Assassins Creed and many other violent games. Leading to personality issues, which can effect children’s personalities and their educational growth.
As most parents would say to their children “find yourself a job which you would like to do” but the reality of this in the gaming industry if tough. Many children who’ve played addicting violent games, find themselves wanting the dream job of either working in the IT industry. But specific genre they aim for can be simplified into one type of industry The Entertainment Industry. It is a guaranteed fact that entertainment consoles are mostly dominating the world, it’s almost impossible to ask a kid in grade 5 to not know what an Xbox or PS4 is. But ask any grade fiver these questions and measure up the knowledge they know.
(1) Do you know there are unfortunate kids in South Africa, Asia and Arabic countries?
(2) Do you know that the world is going through an environmental change?
(3) Do you know a cool new Xbox or PS4 game that’s coming out?
(4) Do you own more than five video games at home?

Chances are children would answer Q4: Yes, Q3: Yes, Q2: No, Q1: No
Sure it may be rather too much for children to know about worldly problems, but the fact is not enough kids are striving to save the world or its people. None of them are inspired to help others simply because the thing that goes through their minds are “what fun things are we going to do tomorrow”, this mentality often carries onto high schools, where kids aren’t driven to change the world. As people who’ve had the privilege of growing up never hungry and happy, it is our duty to be the guardians of the world and its future. However, as things stand now, teenagers would rather spend their money on a $500 console rather than spending $500 in a charity tin. It’s sad to believe that Mankind’s desires can overtake the responsibilities of saving the worlds future.
Although there may be many beliefs out there this is the one message I believe
“There are most who would give anything for a better life for their family, the few who seek wealth to be stronger and the fewer who would give it their all to fulfil their duty as guardians of the world. Each person with a different story, but what shapes a person a person the most is their desires.”
PS: “A legacy isn’t something that is earned, it comes naturally to those who give it their all”
PPS: “It’s impossible to know one person’s story, unless you’ve lived the world through their eyes”
PPPS: “ Obsess

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