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2eXtreme August 4th, 2009 11:26 PM

[Wanted] Simple Phex API Tutorial - how to do a search?
Hi Guys,

I've posted in another thread, but I've deiced I like Phex best, out of all my attempted routes at Gnutella development.

The thing is, I'd really love a tutorial on how to do a simple search with the Phex API?

When I say simple, I'm hoping for only a few classes to be used, with the code something like:



public class Main{

public static void main(String [] args){
new Main(args);

public Main(String [] items){
if (items.length == 1){
new Search(items[0]);


public class Search{
public Search(String searchForThis){
//Connect to Gnutella
//Search network for search term
//Calls a method that adds files to result list
//after network has been searched
System.out.println("Finished searching!");
public void addResult(File myFile){
//adds a file to an array list of files
System.out.println("Found: " +myFile.getName());

public class File{
public String getName(){
//other members

arne_bab January 14th, 2010 01:06 AM

Something like this would be useful to me, too.

How to do basic tasks in Phex.

We can get javadocs via calling


mvn javadoc:javadoc
in the subversion repo:

But that's a pretty lowlevel description, so it would be nice to have a higher level description (also for the jython commandline UI I want to do):

* How can we start a search cleanly - and get the results?
* How can I add a connection by IP:PORT?
* How can I tell Phex to connect/disconnect the network?
* How can I start a download by magnet or search result?

Related: Our wiki has a page with some additional info on what a GUI needs from an API:

PS: Sorry that I didn't answer earlier. I couldn't answer the question, so I decided to avoid muddlign things up. On hidnsight I don't think that that decision was overly clever, but I can't change it now...

hustnn February 28th, 2010 11:31 PM

about the API
If I want to develop a gnutella client from scratch< I think the gnutella should be a standard and it shuold be not related the concept implementation such as limewire and phex.

So if i want to develope it follow the protocol standard, then it should can work with limrework and phex clients.

So,where can I find the related toturial or protocol document of this?

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