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katiechristine September 24th, 2004 08:20 AM

All Files Download to Incomplete Folder
I made an attempt to download several files last night. They appeared to download successfully, until I went to my complete folder to retrieve them, and they were nowhere to be found. Eventually I found them all in my incomplete folder.

First, I downloaded the upgrade (I think I was working on the 3.0.2 version).

Next, I ran a virus scan on my computer. No viruses came back.

Rebooted and tried to download again and the same thing keep happening. they reach 100%, then end up in my incomplete folder.

Can someone give me some insight please?


katiechristine September 24th, 2004 02:17 PM

Downloads going to Incomplete File
I did what you suggested. I had it set to go to the SHARED folder. I've never used anything but this setting, and I know no one has access to change it (at least in my home).

I made an attempt to download another song just now, but changed my settings so that the song didn't clear automatically when it was finished. I'm able to listen to it (on the search/download page) and it's a complete download.

After the download was complete and I had listened to it, I went to check the Shared and the Incomplete files. The song wasn't in the Shared, but WAS in the Incomplete. I then attempted to move it to the Shared folder (I've never tried this before, but figured it was worth a shot). Not only did it not show up in the Shared folder, now there were NO songs visible in my Shared folder (unless I refresh, at which point they show up in RED type). If I leave the Shared and go into the Incomplete, and then come back to the Shared, all the dowloads are invisible again.

It sure seems as though there's some sort of virus or something. I did a live update on my virus scan and scanned again this morning, and it still came up with nothing.

I'm thoroughly confused. And I'm guessing by the lack of responses, that others are also.

Thanks for your help.

murasame September 24th, 2004 06:08 PM

Lack of replies can also mean that people aren't in the forums.

Try runing a search in your PC for the LW preferences folder. When you find it, delete it.
Try dlding something then.

katiechristine September 25th, 2004 11:40 PM

You are amazing! That worked perfectly!


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