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ebeth08 September 18th, 2005 04:03 PM

Need help with a Download Problem PLEASE!!
I am new to LimeWire. I downloaded one song just to see how it worked and everything. When the song was through downloading, I tried to both launch it from LimeWire and I tried going through a folder to play it. Both ways, it said that Windows Media Player would not play that file type. I don't know what else to do or what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone lead me in the right direction?

Lord of the Rings September 18th, 2005 04:22 PM

Have a look at the Sticky thread & its links at the top of this section. ALso make sure you have a player that can play all types of audio or else, make sure you have all audio codecs necessary for the file. eg: For m4a using WMP you will need the 3ivx codec. Also make sure you have the latest wmp codecs. :o Else get a better player such as QCD: or some other decent players: 1. dBpowerAMP,
- 2. WinAmp, - 3. Quintessential (QCD), - 4. iTunes
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