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tradon24 June 1st, 2010 08:00 PM

Search Problems - lots of spam & no large files/movies
Hi When I search LimeWire all searches come back mixed up eg: put in one two three and it comes back two three one for eg.also nothing over 20MB no movies.and a lot of spam. I have used LimeWire for over three years and never had this happen before it's been going on now for 4months. I was with Basic went Pro had this trouble uninstalled Pro went back to basic 5.5.9 so now also out of pocket.can anyone help.

birdy June 1st, 2010 09:45 PM

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Are there file extensions that continually show up? Some extensions such as .wma, .mov, .au, .zip, .exe, .rar often contain spam or are infected.

Check out this thread for info: How to find music
There's a section there about using the keyword filter, with lots of info aobut which words & file extensions to filter for best results (ie weed out the fakes, spam & porn);)

You can find a file extension filter within tools > options > search > filter file extensions.
And keyword filter within tools > options > search > keyword filter. After adding words/extensions to the filter(s), click ok on the filter page & then ok again on the main options page.

And if you still keep seeing crap, try changing ultrapeers (hosts that you connect to in order to search).
In LW tools > advanced tools. In the Host column, you'll see UPs that you're connected to. Check in the Time column & see which ultrapeer has been connected for the longest time.
Right click on that host > Remove. That ultrapeer will be replaced by another. Now start a new search for your file.
If you don't see any improvement in results, remove the next ultrapeer. And so on...

See whether that helps at all :)

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tradon24 June 1st, 2010 10:12 PM

Thanks birdy I'll give a go it's been a bad 4 months

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