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Lord of the Rings September 6th, 2012 05:50 PM

Client and Port block options
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It would be good if Phex could introduce client blocks as well as known bad port blocks. We all know the following version in the attachment is a spam client. And they like to use a particular port. Whilst FrostWire released some of their Windows versions using the LimeWire name, I do not believe they ever released a release client version, nor will they ever release one for the gnutella network. If users identify a client specifically designed for spamming, it would be good if we had our own abilities at blocking such clients. Blocking via ip addresses becomes cumbersome, since a lot of spam companies use fast switching proxies.

Attachment 6095 ack, this attachment looks so small to click, hope you can see it lol. :D

On that topic of fast switching proxies, a day or two ago I had Phex, LW and multiple BearShares running. I was DDOS'd from everywhere in the world. Even for 15+ minutes after I switched all such programs off and was not connected to the gnutella network. Mind you I have a heavy firewall blocking list when I wish to use it. I thought it best to turn computer off and force change my ip but some spam groups seem to be able to detect a person's new address even outside of gnutella network. ie: my firewall gave me high numbers of hits from such groups soon after my computer was on again with a new address.

Note: I make no excuses for including the address in the example image. Those involved in computer virus spam and DDOS activities deserve public exposure IMHO. Even if the address is probably a proxy.

Edit: Duh, Phex already has a port block option. I never noticed it before. :D Not sure of any other gnutella program that has this option.

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