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ironmunkee July 9th, 2020 07:37 PM

Just updated Frostwire - Hundreds of GB of Torrent Data Gone
I had hundreds of gbs of files and stuff in my torrent data folder . . . and after updating Frostwire it is all gone . . . please god tell me there is some way to get it back?

Lord of the Rings July 10th, 2020 10:23 AM

Which version of FrostWire are you using?
If it is version 5 or later, it is the torrent only version which we are unfortunately unable to help with (because we know little to nothing about the torrent only version which does not connect to the gnutella network.) In which case you could post an issue to the FrostWire project at SourceForge or contact the developer through the links at the FW website.

It's my guess your settings might have been set to default during the update but your files are still there (and incomplete files if that's the case.) So it might be a matter of setting your download and shared file locations to what they were previously.

ironmunkee July 10th, 2020 01:47 PM

I must have been on one of the older versions since I haven't updated in ages, but I believe the update that I did was the most recent one.

runt66 July 11th, 2020 02:11 AM

At the top of frostwire there could be a help section or word ; click on that and click on about frostwire ; that could tell you which version of frostwire you have .

runt66 July 11th, 2020 02:23 AM

FrostWire General forum section for FrostWire users; Download "FrostWire Clean version 4" . FrostWire v.5 which only uses bittorrents and no longer uses Gnutella Network is not ;


Lord of the Rings July 11th, 2020 02:42 AM

2 Attachment(s)
If you were using FrostWire v.4, you would be nagged to update everytime you opened the program. Also after downloading & installing FW 6 it appears to look quite noticeably different to version 4 which was both a basic torrent program but was primarily a gnutella network program.

FrostWire 4: Attachment 7012 . FrostWire 6: Attachment 7014

If your previous version did not look like FW 4 then you were either using FW 5 or an earlier FW 6 version.

I still believe it is best for you to contact the developer to help solve your problem. There used to be a support chat channel but last time I searched for links to it, it had disappeared. You might be able to find the support channel under the FW Help menu or Community Support link. I also still suspect the problem is as I suggested previously, the new version has set everything back to default and you have lost custom settings including download & share folders. If you cannot remember what these folders were, then go to the FW App Data folder and open the various settings files. Some of these settings might still exist but are not properly linked.

Edited: Fixed the FW 6 image.

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