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rodrigue7973 July 8th, 2018 05:20 AM

phex is the base a shareaza?
it's all phex connection is all great! I am very happy :)
phex is the base a shareaza? xD

Lord of the Rings July 8th, 2018 08:50 AM

Phex and Shareaza are totally different and have no relationship to each other, other than both often use the gnutella network. Phex is written in Java whereas Shareaza is written in a different programming language.
But if you are connected as an Ultrapeer, you will connect to many Shareaza Leafs. Shareaza's G1 gnutella implementation is very, very old (almost 15 years) and they do cause a lot of overhead due to lacking deflate, compressed communications (and relying on TCP across the board.)

Phex dev. talking to a Shareaza developer on Gnutella Forums, December 6th, 2006:

What you're referring to is Mikes Protocol or the Shareaza Protocol, which is in no way a followup on Gnutella, but a completely different network.

Sadly its performance can't be judged nicely, since Shareaza and the other clients who support it all have a quite substandard Gnutella implementation.

But Phex also doesn't support the Shareaza Protocol ...
From what I've read and been told (discussions been pointed to such as devs discussions on the original Shareaza forum) since being a forum member is that the Shareaza devs have always had a very poor, could-not-care-less attitude toward the Gnutella (G1) network. If G1 & G2 were people then the Shareaza devs could potentially be compared to 'extreme' racists who would not hesitate upon genocide toward G1. One or more Shareaza clones even totally removed G1 support. :whistling:
Have their attitudes changed over the previous 14+ years? If they had then they might even bother to spend a few hours to upgrade Shareaza's G1 support at least a little, so they are not being a burden (like a crowd of T-model Fords driving in the express lanes of a freeway) and are more easily accepted for being connected to. Surprising how many of their hosts connect to the G1 network. A Shareaza G1 update would help both the gnutella network and their own shareaza users.

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