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gatohaus May 16th, 2001 02:46 PM

Phex (win)setup for the java illiterate, like myself...
I'm clueless about Java [the real problem] and the setup didn't work quite as mentioned on KH's site.
He's got a link for the required Java software: [JRE1.1.8]

but what you really need is:[Java2RE]

After installing the first [JRE118], the 'java -jar phex.jar' command was not recognized. After getting Java2E into place everything was gravy!

PS: Phrex kicks Limewire's butt.

Unregistered June 3rd, 2001 07:39 PM

I used the latest version of Java Runtime (v 1.3.1 ... i think).

All I need to do was double click on the phex.jar and it runs.

(however, i had to undo the file association of *.jar to powerarchiver first)

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