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Unregistered January 31st, 2002 06:29 AM

Decentralized Host-Cache - Only PHEX has one - So Promote PHEX

the only Gnutella tool which collects host-ips lokal is PHEX
Hi Cultiv8tor - I dont like webbased Search engines, Because there is
also the possibility to ask me for "entrance money".

We need a lokal programm where i can collect ip s lokal and keep them
as my buddies. PHEX does this. I tryed it out. So you can either
choose between connecting via Gnutella-host or by your lokal in PHEX
collected ip`s.
U also can determine which Gnutella-cache or delete them all. So there
is only the way to get connected by YOUR Peer, stored lokal in Phex.

THIS is the TOOL !
The Remove Button is a litle bit Dangerous placed. And we need an
option to care for your IPS. to attribute them like Always on, second
priority or something like that.



Hi folks

i have a question. Why arent really the hosts decentralized ?
If one of these 4 hostes are killed by bad man:

>Host caches are the only centralized part of Gnutella.

The whole network isnt working any more. The Target has to be a
software client /servant, that gets free from these rooters by
collecting or cratching Ip`s on lokal programm.

Limewire for example in version 1.2. has the option to collect (Get
more) iP.s Ok you have 1000 collected and have to wait untill one of
them is online.
But if ist killed nowone gets a contact to
the network.
The new Limewire has no funktion to collect hosts on lokal client.
X-Cache ist to complicated for me and normal user.

So it is the old question from forum:

> Where do I now get my IP-adresses from?
> Hmmm, neither nor seem to be working.
> Will I have to ask people who are already connected via irc for IPs anytime I want to
> connect? Isn't there anybody out there running a similiar service like Gnutellshosts?
> I just hope this won't be a catastrophy to the Gnutella-network.
> Guido

>what we need is a list of static-ip servents that can be downloaded from a high-capacity >website by any client if the user clicks a 'find more hosts'-type button.

The problem is, that NO GNUTELLA ClIENT has any mor such a button

>If so, what clients are best for recording and retaining hosts that I have connected to >for future use?

>I prefer Furi to LimeWire as it has this enormous list of servers available on the >gnutella network (even the ones i am not connected to).
> If one of those central servers (which only hold a list of peers, nothing more, nothing >less) get kicked, it is only too simple to set up a new one.
>Donīt worry, there is nearly anything that can be done against gnutella.

So develop a tool, to collect hosts in every client / servant

And the truth is, you cannot use limewire version (which has the host
collecting funktion) with any host-caches. Why isnt this tool working
any moe ... so there has to be any option to disable the whole network

I want my buddies to get a connection to the network, and not a
central host-cache !

Change it or can anybody answer me these questions ?

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