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giorgiob June 2nd, 2011 10:02 AM

Open source Gnutella Library
Hi all,

this is my first post. I did a search in the forum but did not find what I am looking for. Maybe you can give me some hints.

I need a library (in C, C++ or Java) that i can use from my program to start a Gnutella node, publish files, execute searches and download results, all in a programmatical way.

I have looked at the mutella client, which seems a lightweight solution, but mutella is a text client and I cannot interact with it from a program.

I have also looked at the limewire source code and managed to create a small example, but that is way too big for my purposes and I do not want to include the whole GUI code in my project.

So I was wondering if there is an implementation of the Gnutella protocol that can be used as a library to be embedded in a larger project.

Something like Mutella but instead of entering commands from a terminal and seeing results on the screen I would like to call library functions and get back data structures.

Thank you in advance and many greetings

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