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burts_here March 31st, 2001 08:11 AM

Dynamic IP on firewall, and DHCP, how do i set up port forwarding?
OK I think I've read teh FAQs and checked the forums and I can't find an anser yet.

I have an ISDN router, which dials up and gets itself an IP address whenever i access the net, I want to set up it up to open up the ports to use gnuttela, according to the FAQs i have read I should set gnuttela up force my IP to the firewall IP addres, Then forward to the port to my IP address from the firewall, but as my firewalls address is dynamic i can't. and my internal address is dynamic, i could set it to static I think, but my tcp/ip anit that hot so i don't know!!!? Any help would be appreciated!!!!!

Cheers burt

milhouse_ph March 31st, 2001 09:33 AM - they provide a nice little program that dynamically monitors your IP and creates a static name -

So you'd be able to map at least one of your addresses to a static name and depending on how you router works that may or may not help you. I've been pushing my gnutella client (limewire) to a name rather than an IP with the same results as me changing the IP # everytime.

But I'm not really knowledgeable about ISDN so I can't really speak about how you'd go about mapping it all.

burts_here March 31st, 2001 10:32 AM

OK so I got the prog set it up and seems to work have set LimeWire to use the domian as my IP to force to and have tried to open Up the ports on my router only problem is i'm not sure I have done it right, the ports I mean. Any one know how i can tell if ports are open, and no it doesn't seem to work downloading from firewalled users. Please help i want to be able to share my files, also the other computers on the network should be able to force their IP to the same domian or will that all go pear shaped?

cheers burt

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