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Fireman4U March 28th, 2009 01:08 PM

How to browse files on incoming hosts
When I right click on Hosts under advanced tools to view files nothing happens. (Using ver 5.1.2)
Also How can you tell what your own ID is, if you searching.
I tried sharing a unique file, then performing a search to
find it but with no success (this in order to see my own
address or "handle") It appears the only members visible uploading are ulta peers .

Lord of the Rings March 28th, 2009 02:54 PM

Unfortunately they removed the ability to browse uploading hosts in LW 5. They will bring it back in a later version. :)
Not sure about the user ID. I've been wondering the same thing. LW 4 simply used ip addresses.
LW was never designed to find it's own shared files in searches. Unless someone has already uploaded it & are online sharing the file, you will not find it.
Upload window is where you 'should' find details about uploaders, however as said above, the ability to browse them has not returned yet.
Connections window only shows ultrapeers you are connected to. 5 for pro users, 3 for basic users. If you are running in ultrapeer mode, then you will see UP's you are connected to and people who are using you as a UP to connect to the network with. :)

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