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File_Girl71 April 16th, 2009 03:02 AM

Security of GnucDNA based clients !
Hi :) I will talk about GnucDNA based clients and the security...I run Morpheus and i use also PeerGuardian 2 with good block lists....But i will tell you all users of GnucDNA based clients to pay atention to this littel advise and warning!Mostly this kind of clients have somthing called GnucBlock,wish acting like a sort of security filter and,make the client not to connect to bugus nodes and so on...BUT the GnucBlock list/files are not updated for years,and pretty much outdated too.I would recomend you all to use PeerGuardian 2 and good block lists,i spotted to much anti p2p,spamming,hijaking activity on Gnutella network when i use GnucDNA based clients-like: Morpheus,Gnucleus,Trux,Foxy,NeoNapster and so on....This is all about your safty and privacy,and it will not do you bullet proof,but gives you verry good protection and privacy too!You should only download PeerGuardian 2 from this location: Phoenix Labs PeerGuardian 2 The reason to that is simpel,you get it with bundled stuff if you download it on another pages/links...The link i give to you now is the official one for PeerGuardian 2!You can download the Block lists from this location her: I-BlockList And the lists on this page is daily updated and free too!:rolleyes_2:Remember to set the PeerGuardian 2 to every day updating the lists for you...The basic protection with good Block lists is:spamming,antip2p,dshiel,hijacking,bogon....As a hint the best antip2p block list is:Level1 P2P and ipFilterX-the rest is quit easy to find!I use 6 filters to block unwantede guests on my internet connection and on Gnutella Net!Enny question feel free to ask!

File_Girl71 April 16th, 2009 11:06 AM

Her are some of the spammer and the antip2p firms,they are verry activ on Gnutella network now these days! They are: Gnutella spammer on Nobis Technology Group,LLC, MediaDefender,AP Trackingnet,Rar/Zip keygen/crack spam,clickMAN LLC antip2p,BAYTSP,phyber Communications- MediaDefender,and PTC antip2p just to give a few....Her is a another big problem in general i would say:Faker:This list contains IP/IP Ranges from those who we have found to be faking in the p2p community. Faking is usually a client that will falseify information that is sent to the hub or other clients. A faker can also be a user who shares files that you can either never download or files that have names which do not apply to the file content. Another form of faker is a client that can block incomming connections or slots so the connecting user cant download nothing though allowing the faker to still download.So you should include this filter from iblock list,and the name is Faker for the filter and use it for your PeerGuardian 2...Happy sharing!

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