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Lord of the Rings December 26th, 2013 06:51 PM

Linux combination LimeWire + FrostWire 4 connection installer
As of almost a week ago, there is now a combo connection installer for both LimeWire & FrostWire 4 for Linux users. The script is very basic & should be run in Terminal to get the options to show. May need to set the script file's properties set to Run as Executable (I have no idea if such properties are transferable from computer to computer.)

Careful to make the right choice of either LimeWire or FrostWire or otherwise an unnecessary folder will be installed. Make sure whichever program you run it for is closed before running the installer script. ;)

The file is called Linux_Combo_LimeWire-FrostWire_ConnectFix.tar.gz but will usually be dated at least showing the month & year. This installer script should run on any linux variation that's also capable of running the programs it's set to install for. eg: Runs fine on Ubuntu 12.0.

Download, uncompress, open the folder & find the bash shell script file called Combo_LimeWire-FrostWire ConnectFix & open with Terminal. If it needs to be set to run as executable first, get the file's properties/permissions & check that option or do this via the terminal.

Although the download links have been added to the LW4 & LW5 & FW4 Connection Fix threads, download links at least for now can also be found here:

Download via Mediafire, . . Download via SaberCat, . . Download via 4Shared.

If anybody finds any problems with the script on any linux variation, please report here so it can be rectified. Worked fine in testing.

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