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Unregistered November 4th, 2002 09:23 AM

About to give up! Please Help
Ive been fighting this one for almost a week now, and Im about to give up....

Whats going on.....

Im running RHat8, downloaded and installed limewire 2.7, downloaded and installed java version 1.3.1_06. (jre).

Installed java fine, no poblems.

Installed LimeWire, no problems. (as root)
i put the install, in /usr/local/LimeWire

I can run LimeWire by typing in the Terminal (as root)
jre -jar RunLime.jar

but, it starts the last phase of the LimeWire install. If I type sh ./ or just it doesnt work. It doesnt matter if Im logged in as root or not.

i get the error message:
/usr/java/jre1.3.1_06/bin/i386native_threads/java: relocation error: /usr/java/jre1.3.1_06/lib/i386/ symbol __libc_sendto, versoin GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference

anyone got any ideas on how to fix this problem. Like is said ive had LimeWIre up and running, so im pretty sure that java is running right, but I just cant launch the program (the right way).



nDiScReEt November 5th, 2002 06:37 PM

Rule #1
Never ever install LimeWire as root!

Rule #2
Use a user account.

If you want to create limewire in that directory that you specified.... first set the security for that directory to a level that will allow all users on your system to use it before you install to that directory.
I hope you know how to create a "group" account with all your users that you want to use LimeWire added. Like creating a group called "limewire" and putting you, nDiScReEt (me*smile*), and Unregistered. One you create that goup, create your limewire installation directory:


(You, of course, will have to be root to create that directory)

next change the permissions of that directory:

chgrp /usr/local/LimeWire

go to this directory and su as "limewire", install limewire, and then you shall be able to run limwire if you really must have it in the direcotry "/usr/local/LimeWire".



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