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joewee October 23rd, 2006 09:40 PM

Linux Java Install interupted
My linux Limewire java version install was interupted, by the user in mid install.
Now Java Lime wire only executes when you rerun the install ie. sh./
It doesnt execute as it should just by excuting command line: limewire, and thust appears that its really not installed. How do I fix this? Removing the .limewire in the user profile didnt do it, that only reinitated the latter part of the install proceedure. I am assuming that something was modified along some java path and I do not have enough understanding of java to investigate any futher. Please advise as how to fix or some how run a complete uninstall or some how force the install to fully execute its proceedures.

I do know that this functions properly on this machine and distro I am just rebuilding from a hard drive death.


Running SuSE 10.1, JRE 1.5.0

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