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abby December 9th, 2004 12:51 PM

save folder- make default my computer's user/music folder
Hi. I just joined, downloaded files, and had a good first run. I have organizational questions, about where to keep the downloaded files, and how to make it the default save or shared folder.

First, the specs: I have an iBook 12", run OSX.3, and downloaded LimeWire's latest software, version 4.2.5. It worked great. It put the downloaded files in the default folder, the LimeWire application's Shared Folder. It also transferred everything over to iTunes. But it didn't transfer everything to my computer's "user/(user name)/music" folder. That's where I'm used to things like music and photos and videos and documents ending up, as a base of files used by various applications. So I'm a bit mystified. I tried resetting the default folder in LimeWire's Preferences. I entered "user/(user name)/music". I'm not sure it took the first time, and I tried it a second time. But I'm still not getting the files downloaded on LimeWire into my computer's user folders. So...

1. How do I set the default folder to be my computer's user/music folder?

2. Should I manually move them from LimeWire to my computer's user/music folder instead?

3. Is it a bad idea to make my computer's user/music folder a Shared Folder for everyone on the Gnutella network to use? Do I run risks? Should I instead leave the Shared Folder in the LimeWire application, and move/duplicate files elsewhere as needed?

4. What about moving and storing the downloaded files to an external hard drive? I don't have enough storage room on my little iBook, so I tend to transfer all media files to an 80GB external hard drive, then dump them off my computer. Will this make the downloaded files unavailable for uploads to other members of the network? How would you suggest I configure my setup to be a good sharer, no freeloader? Is the only way to keep the external hard drive always attached and on?

After looking around and trying a few file sharing apps, I like Limewire and Gnutella best. I'm looking forward to joining fully. I just want to get my setup set up right from the first. Hope someone can help. I searched the forum, but didn't find answers for my questions. I'm sure many before me have had the same questions and concerns. If you want to direct me to a relevant thread, that could help.



Lord of the Rings December 9th, 2004 01:03 PM

Welcome to the forums. :)

Keep LW's dwnld folder away from iTunes library. If you wish to import songs into iTunes, go to LW's Prefs>iTunes>Importing & tick the option box. iTunes will import the songs into its own library. iTunes will also show a LW playlist which is a list of all the songs you've imported via LW. This is purely a playlist.

The only thing about having iTunes import them at the end of their dwnlding is that you end up with 2 copies. One in iTunes main library folder & the other in LW's Dwnld folder. You can use one of them for backup.

I share most of iTunes library. I also share many folders from all over my comp. It's a personal choice about what you wish to share. If you'e worried about sharing, then do a search of the forum about sharing, legal, etc. Um I presume you have enough space to keep some iTunes music. You can share what you feel happiest with keeping in mind your HDD space situation.

Here's some hints on optimising LW: A well set-up LW can start to automatically continue its dwnlding after it's settled down perhaps 2 out of 3 times you open LW. Optimising LW & Maximising Uplds & Dwnlds A (1st post only) & also Part B which is even better & last & least are search & dwnld hints. The latter one I've been thinking about re-writing for some time. That's just for playing it safe. eg- I show all speeds & qualities.

abby December 9th, 2004 01:18 PM

Thanks M'Lord. What's with the funny penguin?

From your reply I gather I'll go back to the default LW Shared Folder, and have the files also transfer to iTunes. Then I will move the iTunes files to my external hard drive, as a backup. And keep the files in the LW app/music folder as the Shared Folder, open to all. Maybe I'll edit and delete down to a manageable size. And maybe I'll share other folders, as you do. I'll read the optimising hints you recommended, too. Thanks for your advice.

Lord of the Rings December 9th, 2004 01:24 PM

I have a bit of an advantage over you though, I have 2 internal HDD's & an external (only used for backup.) So you will probably find after a bit of experience how to manage it so it doesn't take over your computer's disk space. Your suggestion sounds ok. However, it might mean that in order to play those songs from the external HDD you'd need to have it connected at that time. If that's fine 4U then it sounds ok.

Oh the penguin is indeed a naughty one! And I had thought they were such peaceful creatures.

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