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apchar June 20th, 2005 05:20 PM

How is pro faster?
Limewire claims "Turbocharged downloads" for the pro version. But a download is a download is a download. It's just another network connection. I cant see any reasonably well designed download software running any faster than any other. I'd expect the network to be the short pole in the tent.
Is this just hype?
Is basic somehow crippled to ensure Pro is faster?
Exactly what does Pro do that Basic doesn't to speed things up?

stief June 20th, 2005 06:35 PM

You're right that that a download is a download and that the network connections are the major factor.

When LW discussed possible Pro "benefits" they didn't want to cripple the Free. And they didn't, so good on 'em.

So beside the social reasons for getting Pro, and the free email help, they tweaked it slightly to give a bit of an advantage

A Pro leaf connects to a couple more hosts, so your searches go out a bit further, or maybe results come in a bit faster. Either way, common content will be found by Pro or Free.

The other difference is that Pro will download from a couple more hosts, if they can be found. Thus your downloads have a bit more chance of coming in faster.

There may be other tweaks, but I suppose their principles are clear: give the Pro users the advantage of a couple of tweaks without hurting the network and crippling the Free version.

Works for me, but I still think of Pro as a donation to the open source project. Since scammers are making money off the Free, I'm glad LW is getting some of the cash for the years of work so many people have put into

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