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MuchoGringo September 26th, 2005 12:44 PM

Complete windows crash (blue screen of death)
I was running Lime Wire basic and it was working fine until i upgraded to 4.9.30. Then i had the problem where it just wouldn't open when i clicked the icon. Eventually i got it working (I believe it started working when i upgraded to the latest version of Java) but once it actually was able to open, my computer would completely crash and give me the blue screen of death whenever i tried to close the program or even just while it was running. This includes when i would right-click the icon in the system tray and click exit or when i tried to shut down the computer while Limewire was running. I've unistalled limewire from my computer and so far have had no system crashes (granted it has only been a day or two). I would certainly appreciate any help anyone can give me in solving this dilema.

I have a:
Dell dimensions 9100
Intel Pentium 4 3GHz
170 GB left on hard drive
Windows XP
using McAfee Firewall
Ethernet connection
connecting from school (university)

Lord of the Rings September 26th, 2005 01:26 PM

I believe that with Dell computers you need to use their own driver updates. If you use other ones then it can cause major issues. 2ndly I believe one of the dell models had a cpu issue with drivers, etc. 3rdly, see the links from the following link:
So keep in mind that although LW might be one of potentially many programs acting as a catalyst, the underlying problem is either with your computer components or their drivers.

If after all of this you can't figure it out, visit Norbie's website. He is a specialist in working out these types of issues. A master!

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