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Paulagrace February 28th, 2013 09:54 PM

What exactly will limewire do to my computer?
All my friends use limewire. I mainly use itunes which is eating away at my money. Some of my friends say I should use limewire, some say it will totally mess up my computer.. Is there something else I can use that will save me money but keep my computer clean? Will limewire actually mess up my computer?:rofl:

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ukbobboy01 March 2nd, 2013 10:57 AM


You asked:

Will limewire actually mess up my computer?
Well, it all depends on what your PC specs are, what protective applications are all ready on your PC (some anti-malware apps will auto-delete Limewire), how much disk space you have, and a small number of unknown factors (such as an MP3 killing malware planted on your machine).

Also, be prepared to deal with other problems concerning java.

Look, I don't want to frighten you off but your question is so broad it is difficult to give a focussed and helpful answer without knowing more.

UK Bob

ukbobboy01 March 3rd, 2013 08:58 AM


I thought a bit more about this and concluded that you should do one of the following:

1) Before installing any new application on your PC you should create a "Restore Point", should anything untoward happen you can turn your PC back to the last known stable setting.

2) The ultimate in protection is to do a backup of your entire PC's hard disk, this will capture all your setting, applications, etc.

However, for this you will need specialist backup software, like Acronis or Norton Ghost, there are others you can get/buy/download as well.

Good Luck

UK Bob

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