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Orange County Ca April 17th, 2013 05:01 PM

Isn't there a easier way?
I've tried to download LimeWire maybe 6 times from various locations and every time I'm told to down this or that first and unzip the file.

When I download the unzipper I can't find LimeWire even tho I just downloaded it. I tried downloading the B1 and it couldn't find Lime. I downloaded Lime again and still nothing.

Is there anywhere I can go and simply download LimeWire 5.5.10 and just install it and have it run?

Lord of the Rings April 17th, 2013 11:21 PM

If you downloaded via 4Shared, ignore the priority download button link. The download button for the LW file is presently beside the Share with Friends button. Though that may change in any time future. 4shared will be totally dropped if further problems for free registered users. Downloading should be easy and clear, without links that distract from the main purpose of downloading. All Windows systems come with a built-in unzip system, so there is no need for the 3rd party crapware trying to gain the popularity of the intended download page/link.

This is an unfortunate part of using various upload sites. They earn a portion of their income via advertising and allocating space on the download page to advertisers who want you to download their stuff first or instead. sighs.

BTW you can find all the LW versions you would be interested in via LimeWire - Windows versions - ... only click on the Request Download Ticket, then the Download button in same location. ;) For FileCloud these will probably be situated near the bottom of the webpage. FileCloud normally requires any browser Adblocks to be disabled for their site for unregistered users.

If you were after MacOSX version then LimeWire - MacOSX versions -, or for Linux LimeWire - Linux versions -

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