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the_dark_side_of_melissa July 7th, 2006 08:50 AM

Please help cause I wanna use my LW
Okay. I had LW on my other computer and it would never connectup or even open due to the firewall and all that crap. So I put it on this comphoping to use it. Well now it opens, but in the bottom left where it has the connection status it keeps getting stuck on Starting Connection.:confused: It never gets past this thus I can't use LW. What do I do? I've tried Installing and reinstalling many of times and the comp.:confused: It worked on my other comp but I want it on this one. What else should I try? :confused: I have the Pro version so it shouldn't be acting up, you'd think. Well thanks.

:p Thank you, Melissa

foolofthehill July 7th, 2006 09:00 AM

Can you give us a total description of your set up:
1. OS version? (eg: Windows 98)
2. What firewalls you have?
3. How much ram?
4. Hard Disk space available?
5. Connection type? (eg: dialup, broadband, cable, etc.)
6. Modem & router brand name & model numbers?
7. Where are you trying to connect from (home, school, work, etc.)?
8. What version of Limewire (LW) & Java do you have? (Go to LW's menu Help>About LW...) Will show both LW & Java version.
9. Who is your isp provider (Internet Service Provider)?
10. Are you sharing the connection with other computers or p2p sharing programs? If yes, please give details of set up.
11. Is this a your 1st try at LW or is this a new problem with an experienced user.
12. Do this simple test for us. Using your browser go here: The page should say 'Your test worked!'. What happens when you go there?

COMPUTER July 7th, 2006 02:59 PM

just download the new version of lime wire from the offical site and i am hopeing that will solve your problem if doesent then look at ur connection setting and if lime wire has the lime wire port active

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