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robo0330 July 9th, 2008 11:00 AM

Using Limewire with no worries?
First i would like to say hello to everyone since i am new here. :PEACE:

I would like to ask if there is anyway to use limewire and still be totaly safe? (Not that i am sharing copyrighted materials or anything :nono:).

I have heard people can see your "IP adress" when you use limewire and i find this irritating.
Do they still see my IP if i donth share files? (turn of the sharing part)
Can anyone see my IP when i am downloading files or stand in line to download a file?

So to make this question easy, HOW do i use limewire 100% anonomysly? So that no one could ever trace me or track me when using limewire.

Could the use of "TOR" be an idea?

Thanks in advance for answers :aweof:

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