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klassybabe June 8th, 2009 01:21 PM

Sansa (transfering my downloads)
Hi everyone, nice to find this forum, maybe someone can help me with :sos:transfering my downloads to my Sansa: if possible, it's not an Ipod but close enough. I think I made a huge mistake by buying LimeWire lifetime membership. I guess that's what happens when your getting old and not keeping up with all the new hardware out there and what's free and isn't free. But i'm learnig...the hard way of course. I'm runing windows xp and in the past I've used windows media to transfer my music from Cds to my Sansa. Could someone please help me, or did I totally mess up for spending $34.95:bangh:..stupid me.. I thought I bought free music for

Thanks for anyhelp....

Lord of the Rings June 8th, 2009 03:08 PM

You very definitely made a mistake buying anything called Lifetime membership for any software. It does not exist. LW do not offer lifetime membership, only scam sites offer anything of the type. Chances are you do not even have LW pro but LW basic.

Check your browser history to see who you paid. Or your account details. Known Scam Sites (click on link)

Might not be the same scam company because many out there, but see if advice here helps: get your $$$ BACK!!! (music members)

In meantime, get LW Basic, it's FREE & really only minor differences compared to LW Pro; Download LimeWire 5.1.3 - Lime Wire :)

klassybabe June 17th, 2009 11:42 AM

Thanks for the info
I paid with a credit card and of course it was a scam. why it was linked to limewire I haven't figured it out. My limewire doesn't even show and funds trandsfered, now i'm looking into this vipmemberspace at the least I have a phone now, though I haven't tried, Not yet buit soon. Also it stated when it goes through my credit card it will show up as IP INTERNET DOWNLOAD. Clue #1. So, thanks for your help and maybe this keeps someone for being as stupid as I was.:blink:
PS: I'm showing I have LimeWire 5.1.2 Pro it doesn't even know my sansa exsist.....:rofl:It's been such a process to Dl music from the file-sharing of LW. As you said that's free, ppl beware!!!

Lord of the Rings June 17th, 2009 12:29 PM

Check your Sansa instructions. You will either be able to drag & drop files into the device once it's mounted on desktop, else you need an intermediate media manager program. Depends on device as to how songs can be added. ;)

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