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klumy April 16th, 2002 01:59 PM

Gnucleus 1.7.3 is out !!
Gnucleus 1.7

SuperNodes implemented
Processor usage configurable
Dedicated mode optional
Intelligent file indexing
Scheduler, tell Gnucleus to connect only at certain times during the day
All list boxes redone and enhanced to support dynamic sorting
Changes made to avoid file name conflicts when downloading
New routing mechanism, prevents local loops in network
Multi-Processor support improved
Added X-Try Header to help hosts connect to the network
Pong-Caching system integrated, yet unactivated
Stop button added to search window
Locked the hash table to prevent multi-threading problems
Better fallback method if IRC cache is unavailable

gnutellafan April 17th, 2002 07:31 AM

1.7.4 now ;-)

Unregistered April 17th, 2002 02:49 PM

Thanks Swabby!

klumy April 18th, 2002 10:49 AM

Here is the history for the new version

Gnucleus 1.7.4
Fixed problem with random ports not being set
Sped up queries from children through supernodes
Added bandwidth and efficiency colums to advanced connect window
Lots of updates in recent days, thanks for the support

Unregistered April 18th, 2002 08:42 PM

I personally miss seeing the number of connected friends and the total size of the available shared files in the advanced connection window. It's kind of pointless to observe that a node is running at 99% efficiency if it is (hypothetically) only sharing three megabytes worth of stuff.

I did not see an option that toggles between the old format and the new bandwidth/efficiency format so I presume this is a design change.

Does "bandwidth" in this case refer to how much stuff the node is sending me, or it's total capacity? I'd hate to think that all of the normal and child nodes I've found so far are simply dial-up connections.

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