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Mostrosity September 12th, 2012 09:26 AM

Unable to connect
I found a thread which released a host file that we were supposed to place in c:/documents and settings/user/application data/phex in another post, however, the file was an empty zip file. Could someone explain how to get Phex to connect to the network. I need assistance in connecting as all my connections are refused, and I don't have access to the host file. The host cache says I have 713 entries. I would think that would be sufficient and some of the connections are coming back as Peer connections, but not connecting.


Phex did connect to a single peer running Limewire. Is it normal to get so many rejections? So far in the last 20 minutes it's only connected to the one peer.

Lord of the Rings September 12th, 2012 03:07 PM

I can assure you that zip file was not empty. I just double-checked it and the phex.hosts file was inside. With file-extensions hidden you would only see a file called 'phex' inside the folder. Oh I just realised, because i zipped it on my mac you will get a MACOSX folder inside. Ignore that folder. The phex file will be beside it after unzipping. (Only on Windows do you see the OSX folder. It's just easier for me to zip on my mac. Easy and quick, as the zipper is built into the system.)

In any case, there's more updated versions and installer to do it for you here.

Make sure you have phex as an exception in your computer's firewall.

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