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birdy April 1st, 2010 07:44 PM

Image Caption Competition - April - CLOSED!
Rules & Instructions

1. The idea of this competition is to study the picture that is put up on this thread page once a month, and create a suitable, humorous 'caption' for it. Examples can usually be found below this post. Older winners can be found in the 2nd post of this thread.
2. The competition is judged by a panel of experienced forum members. The best ones win.
3. To play, underneath the caption picture click on Post Reply. Then post a comment, to post an entry!
4. Each registered member is allowed a maximum of 3 entries per competition (if you do more than one on a post it still counts as multiple entries) Any more than 3 will either be removed/deleted or ignored.
5. All decisions about the winner are final & no feedback acceptable about the decision.
6. The winner will be listed at the bottom of the forum leaders page to show the whole world that they won for a whole month! Their username will be listed in large green bold italics so their posts & username stand out from everyone elses! Also their User Title will be changed for one month to This month's "Caption Winner" (see sample below.) Caption winner will get a month's access to a 'Bonus Games' Category of games in the Arcade. This Bonus category is presently holding 36 extra selective fun games. Many of these games are quite different to others in the arcade & some are a laugh just to play.
7. There also might be other 'awards' given for runners up or certain captions that were popular but didn't win. If plentiful (many) entrants for this month's caption contest, we will look at possibility of a runner-up prize with access to Bonus games section. :) July saw two equal runners-up rewarded with one month's access to a Bonus Games section in the arcade. Only mods/VM's & image caption winners/runners-up have access to this Bonus Games category which is now divided into two special bonus categories. The category is normally hidden to all other members.
8. All caption submissions must abide by the Forum Rules (click here)

Be quick to get your caption posted or else you'll be out of time. April 30th deadline! (last day of each month!) To post a caption, post a reply to this thread! The competition has now started! This month's image is below:

Equal winners of April's caption competition were Paradisio Loco & Paul1957:

"You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours"

"Ain't mouuuuving a iota! I was first you *******!"

"O.K.,This time I get the car and you get the driver."

birdy April 1st, 2010 07:47 PM

Previous winners:

March: - > wakedaddy820 (click to see)
February: -> Blackhorse 70V (click to see)____________ January: -> Paul1957 (click to see)

December: - > Paul1957 (click to see) __________________ November: -> Paul1957 (click to see)
October: -> Peerless (click to see) _________________________ September: -> Remoc (click to see)
August: -> Remoc (click to see) _____________________________ July: -> Tburg & Paul1957 (click to see)
June: -> The Shadow (click to see) ________________________ May: -> wakedaddy820 (click to see)
April: -> _Mannequin_ (click to see) ______________________ March: -> Paul1957 (click to see)
February: -> 6_pac (click to see) __________________ January: -> Paul1957 (click to see)
2008 :
December: -> Remoc (click to see)
November: -> Paul1957 (click to see) ____________ October: -> Paul1957 (click to see)
September: -> brittone05 (click to see) _____________ August: -> Paul1957 (click to see)
July: -> Paul1957 (click to see) ___________________________ June: -> carstairs (click to see)
May: -> Paul1957 (click to see) ___________________________ April:-> Ursula (click to see)
March:-> kenny111111 & Ursula (click to see) _____ January:-> kelfrog1964 (click to see)
2007 :
December: -> Joe the Porsche & newbee2 (click to see)
November: -> mrgravey (click to see) ________________ October: -> ursula (click to see)
September: -> ursula (click to see) ____________________ August: -> spuggy & birdy (click to see)
July: -> townie2 (click to see) _____________________________ June: -> spuggy (click to see)
May: -> muhctekdano (click to see) ____________________ March: -> techgeek & newbee2 (click to see)
February: -> newbie2 (click to see) ____________________ January: -> Wondering Why (click to see)
2006 :
December: -> Calahara & 6_pac (click to see) _____ November: -> newbee2 (click to see)
October: -> poelux (click to see) ___________________ September: -> 6_pac (click to see)
Top Winners: _ 11. = Paul1957 ___ 3. = Ursula ___ 3. = 6_pac ___ 3. = newbie2 ___ 3. = Remoc ___ 2. = spuggy___2. = wakedaddy820

Paradisio Loco April 4th, 2010 05:13 PM

"You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours"

Paradisio Loco April 4th, 2010 05:14 PM

Ain't mouuuuving a iota!

I was first you *******!

Paradisio Loco April 4th, 2010 05:15 PM

Hey?! Luigi?! have you see the new kid in town?!
yeah... I'm keeping an eye on him...

Paul1957 April 16th, 2010 02:51 PM

O.K.,This time I get the car and you get the driver.

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