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Lord of the Rings June 11th, 2007 03:02 AM

Skins - links to some answers
Some links you may find helpful:

1. (a) Skins: Need File Changing Help ___ (b) Change file name from .zip to .lwtp ___ (c) Hhow do I change file extension

For creating skins, this is excellent: Wyrdjax, a previous FrostWire skinner has a fantastic skinning guide here Wyrdjax's Skinning Guide

2. Skin doesn't work HELP! "Out of Date" solution !!! - ie: do not zip the folder, instead, select all items simultaneously to be included in the skin and zip them together. Then rename the zip file to the name you wish the skin to be titled and with a .lwtp file extension (.fwtp for FrostWire.)

3. Applying skins help (especially for Vista users)

4. And 6_pac's advice here is very good for everybody: Downloading & installing Skins (includes sample images to assist how the process can be done.)

Remember for Windows systems with the new version LimeWires, the Themes folder in the preferences folder is found here:
C:\Documents and Settings\*yourusername*\Application Data\limewire\Themes

For VISTA & Windows 7 the Themes folder is found here:
C:\Documents and Settings\*yourusername*\Application Data\Roaming\Limewire\Themes

The Application Data folder is a HIDDEN folder so you need to change option to show all hidden files & folders before you search for it. You can find that under Options in search window. ;) ______ Finding the LW Preference folder in VISTA & Windows 7

*Edit & warning: LW 5 does not accept skins. If you strongly desire skins, please downgrade to LW 4.16. Why 4.16? Answers here: & why is LW 4.16 much better than 4.18

If you are looking for. Custom made Skins, see both Posting your Custom Skins & also LimeWire Custom Skins found here - Gnutella Forums

* . For FrostWire users, of course the preferences folder name is called FrostWire instead & found in equivalent location, & the needed file extension referred to to manually rename from .zip to is . .fwtp instead of .lwtp . . . . . . Perhaps refer to this: Frostwire Skins Themes and for ready made FrostWire skins:

For XP C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Application Data\FrostWire\themes.
The Application Data folder's hidden by default, so you'll have to show hidden files & folders first...start > control panel > folder options > check the 'show hidden files & folders' button > apply > ok.

For Vista/Windows 7 C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\FrostWire\themes
The App Data folder's hidden by default, so check out the thread below about how to show hidden files & folders & how to find the preferences folder in Vista (the preferences folder is named FrostWire & the themes folder should be within that).
LimeWire Pref Folder in Vista (this link refers to LimeWire but it's the same for FW)

Shortcut for reaching the Application Data folder:
Windows XP: Click on Start > click on Run > type %appdata% into the text field
Windows 7: Click on the Start button > type %appdata%
Windows 8: Go to Search, (a) type in %appdata% and it will be listed below the search box, else (b) click on programs and type Run into the search box. Open Run and type in %appdata%


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