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mickish January 29th, 2004 01:16 PM

LW 3.7.10 sends wrong port in Query Hits
I am doing a little interoperability testing between BearShare 4.4.0 beta 36 and LimeWire 3.7.10, and I found a situation where LW returns Query Hits with a port that it _used_to_be_ listening on.

I have LW and BS installed on two different computers, both on the same private LAN, but with different routing configurations so that they each have two different external IP addresses.

Of course, LW started out listening on port 6346. Then at one point, I changed its listening on port 6350, but now it is listening on port 6353.

When I use BS to browse LW on its internalIP:6353, everything works fine. I get correct Query Hits that show up in the BS Search Results.

But when I use BS to browse LW on its externalIP:6353, LW returns Query Hits for externalIP:6350 (the port I first switched to, but not its current port). These Query Hits do not match the BS Browse Host Search, so no results appear in BS.

I double-checked and tried to browse LW on externalIP:6350, but no one is listening there anymore.

I just changed LW's port to 6351. But still when I browse externalIP:6351, I get Query Hits saying LW is listening on 6350.

sberlin January 29th, 2004 01:28 PM

Hi Mickish,

Have you updated both the "listening port" and "advertised port"? Testing LimeWire on an internal network is notoriously difficult. LimeWire can be listening on one port, yet advertise that it is listening on another. These options are set under the 'Advanced -> Port' and 'Advanced -> Firewall' settings.

For internal networks, we generally rely on multicast to send/receive messages.


mickish January 29th, 2004 01:54 PM

Oh. The first time I changed my port, I must have clicked the Advanced->Firewalls panel. It still says 6350 (I didn't know why I had to click the Force IP box, but it's still checked).

After that, I always used the Advanced->Port panel. It still says 6351.

So this is working as designed?

sberlin January 29th, 2004 02:10 PM

Yeah, it's working as designed. :)

The firewall area and the 'Force IP' checkbox is just telling LimeWire, "Hey, advertise my IP & Port as something other than what I think it is." LimeWire will automatically determine the IP (based on Remote-IP headers), but needs you to tell it the port. The port value here is not what it's actually listening on, but what the outside world thinks it's listening on (so that you could, for example, have the a router forward connections to port 6700 to your computer's 6346 port -- LimeWire needs to tell outsiders it's listening to 6700).

The port area is for telling LimeWire to open up a new listening socket on a different port.

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