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Grandpa August 12th, 2005 10:47 AM

Available Files to UL ?
Well I have tried to get this question answered before but no one has been able to so far. I have heard answers like maybe some of your files are not popular etc. I am pretty sure that is not the case since most of my files have 15+ people sharing them when I search them.
I have been doing some testing playing with listening port settings and I have found that if I am running in UPnP mode with LW listening on port 6346 which by the way you don't need to tell me is the proper port, that only about 2% of my files are available for UL only the files that have multiple locations get UL. very few if any hits on the other files and no UL. If you were wondering 5 out of 300+ get UL to others. While using 6346 there are always 10 UL 10 waiting.
Now If running in UPnP and changing my listening port to lets say 6346 port doesn't really matter as long as it isn't 6346 there will be multiple hits on every file in my collection some more than others but most of them at least 40 and most will show UL over a 12 hr period of time.
I have been running these test for the last few versions of LW. I accidentally discovered this a few versions back when I noticed that my listening port was set at 6348. I noticed people were having a hard time connecting to me but it appeared all my files were being UL. Usually when running with these settings 8 of 10 slots UL occasionally 10 of 10 with a couple waiting.
If anyone could figure out why more files are available in this mode and apply it to 6346 LW core settings it might help in the availably on the network.
If anyone knows why this happens could you enlighten me. Currently running 4.9.21

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