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nehpets January 7th, 2004 06:44 AM

Change Connection Type (cable/modem etc) to Average UL/DL Speed
I'd like to see a change from "connection type" just being Cable, Modem, T1/T3 etc to something more informative.

You never know what speed your going to get from anyone and taking their average and max download/upload speeds and replacing the connection type will give you a more realistic idea of what type of connection they have.

I hate selecting a t1/t3 listing and getting 2k as my download.

Most people get around 30-45k download. If there are multiple going it splits down further. So depending upon how busy lw is my average up/download speeds may change. If you display the max and average that would give users an idea that "hey I could possibly get 45k from this guy and if he's really busy 15k"

This might make it a bit easier to judge the connection/file you select to begin your download.

The only downfall is if you have 10 modem users download from you in a row it could skew the average... but max will be a decent reference.

Thought this might be better than a generic modem, cable, t1/t3 selection.


Morgwen January 7th, 2004 07:46 AM

The problem what I see is, it need some time until you get this information, its "only" a few seconds. Within a few seconds it can happen very much within the Gnutella net. So it might be possible that you get the info the user X has 60Kb uplaod speed to offer, but meanwhile some other clients start to download from him and all you get is 3Kb or nothing. So this data isnīt reliable.


trap_jaw4 January 7th, 2004 07:56 AM

Your download speed has (almost) nothing to do with your connection speed setting unless you choose modem. In that last case LimeWire doesn't swarm from more than 2 hosts at once. Other than that, your connection speed setting has only minor effects on your downloads. If you are on T3, for example, LimeWire will allow more parallel connections than Cable/DSL, so you can download a little faster - however it's pretty rare that you can download a file from more than 6 hosts at once.

nehpets January 7th, 2004 08:32 AM

Maybe my point was not clear.

I don't care about the connection setting. Keep that.

What I would like to know is what the average/max download is for a specific host.

If I see two hosts/files marked with "cable" and one host has an average/max of 20/45 and the second has an average/max of 5/30 I'll probably choose the first because he appears less busy and has a better max rate. (I know how busy a host is can change at any time)

The average would not be 100% accurate because the downloaders connection also plays a part. The max however should show the best speed someone has been able to download from that host.

A download rate is already calculated per download so this information is already there it just needs an ongoing average and to maintain the information of a max download speed obtained.

So in turn I can have more options for choosing from who I should download a file.

You don't even have to show this information... You can incorporate it into some "****" system. where the user gets four *'s for a better average download/max download/latency response than a user with a more busy node. After all if I have 2 gigs shared of popular files and someone else has 10 gigs of crap... my share might be a bit more trafficy than his... and if you want the same file from both... you have an option to choose the other. (an yes I know lw swarms to multiple pcs and I also know that the same file can be listed multiple ways and the would prevent swarming since they are not like files)

Anyway, my point is a better ranking system for choosing which file you should select might be worth incorporating into lw so you don't have to start three downloads to see who gives you the best response.

trap_jaw4 January 7th, 2004 10:13 AM

Generally LimeWire tries to verify the user's speed setting (if the speed in the search result is marked green it has been verified by LimeWire).
However LimeWire usually allows so many parallel uploads that the average upload speed equals 2KB/s. It's more or less the hard coded 'ideal upload speed' chosen by the developers.

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