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Kolandromir August 5th, 2006 04:17 PM

I was leaning on the counter at work the other day, staring blindly at the people using my Kodak Picture Makers (well, one guy was using the FufiFilm APM), when suddenly, the metal ring around the fire suppresion sprinkler directly above me fell from the ceiling and landed on the back of my neck.:eek: **** it was cold!:D and moldy...

okay, it's got nothing to do with anything...

But, I got to thinking....


If Limewire had a kiosk setup similar to the KPM and APM. Where people could download music, video, documents, and software LEGALLY, for a fair price. The proceeds would go directly to the greedy celebs who can't afford to feed their illegitimate children:( because they barely had the money for the chlorine to clean the north end of their pools...:p

Instead of relying on the one person in the whole world who has the file you are looking for, but is never online, you could rely on the thousands of others looking for that file . Because, when they find it, not only do they have it LEGALLY, but the kiosk they get it from has it (of course, we're looking at a Terabyte --1,000 GB-- HDD, for like $700 each, to hold all that info). And the central server tracks other searches for the same file, and as more kiosks search....

... more get it. and as more get it, more have it.. and as more have it, the download becomes faster. Now, where once you were victim to the whim of the schedule of the one, you become a stakeholder in the glory that is YOUR schedule, and YOUR time.

With this increased legality would come sponsors. artists, production companies, and others would willfully submit their product, instead of bagging that some hacker/cracker stole their software, and is now distributing to everyone for free! Bad people only do bad things if they know it's bad. If we make it okay, they'll stop.

Another feature of the kiosk: Virus Protection. My bet is that when this thing comes around, LimeWire will hire all of the top protection companies-- Symantec/Norton, Panda, F-Secure, and McAfee, and any others you can think of-- to work together to create the ultimate peice of protective software......
.....And if somebody does get past it, at least it's not on your computer...
No more corrupted files, no more bad .EXEs.

Oh, here's another feature:
Most of the time, when your downloading software (video games (Halo)) your best bet is and ISO file. I have never seen a corrupted ISO, or ISO Virus. But how to open it? IsoBuster? sure. THE KIOSK WILL DO IT FOR YOU (when it burns the CD)!

What about the on-line multiplayer function? you need the updates after-all, but, in most cases you need the disc and product key for that. Well, you already got the CD, so how to get a hold of a real Product ID# Key? THE KIOSK WILL DO IT FOR YOU! During your search, the kiosk would contact Microsoft or Apple (or whoever made the software) and request to key on behalf of you and LimeWire.

I don't know about you, but i think it's a good idea!
1.make file sharing legal
2.shut the greedy celebs up by giving them a boost on their child support. (i'm gonna keep using it because America has a 50% divorce rate, and celebs are not exempt,:mad: and they're te ones we go to for all the other scandals....did Katie Holmes even have a baby:confused: ?)
3.looking for a song? can't find the CD? Can't afford a computer to download the LimeWire Trial, fail to find what your looking for, use LWT to download a pirate clone of LW-FULL and get it that way? are you just some old fogy who has the program, but the kids never come to visit and explain how to turn it on? if your answer to any one of those question is "yes", then it's a **** good reason to haul-*** down to yer local Wal-Mart (North America ONLY) or Real Canadian Superstore (Canada ONLY) to get help from the self-trained, underpaid schlubs that those corporations lovingly call "our employees"

The LimeWire Legal Sharing Kiosk! Coming soon to a garbage can near you.
Along with the Blue Prints, and the Proposal Memo, and Profitibility Essay...
Kazaa liked it... Napster was exstatic....

Kolandromir August 5th, 2006 04:26 PM

oh, didn't realize we had profanity protection...

the first set of asterisks is just the slightly worse form the the d-word, darn, and the second set after the word haul- is merely the 3 letter a-word form for the bodily noun, bottom, refering to ones "cheeks"...

Lord of the Rings December 3rd, 2008 05:31 PM

Nice post, request adapted, sort of .. lol :rofl: :wasntme: (shsh I didn't really reply to a two year old thread!) Luv your approach

Remoc December 3rd, 2008 05:58 PM

:lmao: Either Time for some :coffee1: or some :sleep_2: LOL.

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