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mINDsELfiNDULGE July 12th, 2008 08:09 AM

LW as MediaPlayer, Column Qs (Artist/Length/Sorting/SAVING PREFS!!)+ Log File wishes.
I use LW often enough that I would like it to be my main player. My machine can't always handle all my programs open at the same time well enough so I have to choose between what I keep open and what I want closed. If LW could be my deault player (for what it can play) then that would be great. I'd like to choose it as my default from XP's Explorer but when I do it doesn't play the file. Let's have that fixed. :)

Another gripe are columns.

Search columns. Download columns. Library columns.

Has anyone else ever had the bug where the columns would NOT save? I'll add and resize but LW will forget or get things extremely messed up next time it opens. it will a sort of half way columns between what I had and what I wanted. I customize the columns a lot so this is disappointing.

Another sore point, why are there "Video Artists", "Audio Artists", Document Authors", and so on, in the column choices? Why not JUST... have... ONE. That way I can set it up for whatever I am looking at. Make it smarter.

Another wish is column sorting that saves. I want to have the columns the way I want. But I also want them auto sorting the way I want.

I want my download queue to be sorted first by Time, in this order.

Almost finished, till...
Just started... to..
Inifinite time (0K download speed, but connection is made)
Unknown/not downloading.

Then I want any ties in the sort sorted by Percentage complete.

So what I want, Limewire, is at least to recall my last sort (type + asc or desc too), and one more sort to break ties (mostly in the waiting list)

And I just want LW to remember this and use it by default.

Also true for the Library. I sort by Last Modified by default ALWAYS. Yet, LW always forgets to save this?? I want the newest stuff right at the top. Please fix.

A couple of additions too. In the Download Queue I want a Date Added column (for my sake), and a Date Updated column. I want to be able to see what files have been sitting there for too long.

I also want to be able to Browse Host for files that have finished downloading.

Oh yeah, and can I choose to get rid of the side lists in the search tab? I really don't care that much about Artists or Titles that have popped up in the search. I can read. It's barely any use. I'd rather have the screen real estate for more columns.

And finally, I would love, love, looooooooooove, to have the logging of hits and uploads and such n my library, persist to my next LimeWire session. I am curious about what files of mine are the most popular.

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