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sweetp2047 August 29th, 2007 06:26 AM

my dvd won't eject from computer
I am new to this. I was able to download the movie I wanted. My computer showed a message insert dvd. There was one already in the slot. When I tried to eject it and redo the procedure, it wouldn't eject. What do I do to get it out and start again?


ursula August 29th, 2007 08:48 AM

Paper Clips Run The World Dept.
Do the following with your computer OFF

Examine the front panel of your CD/DVD drive...

You will see a small hole...

Take a paper clip and partly straighten it...

Carefully, and VERY STRAIGHT SHOOTING here, insert the clip end into the small hole and press in - STRAIGHT, NO ANGLES - Press in firmly but not with any excessive force.

You should both hear and see some movement of the 'tray'...

When the tray is protruding slightly from the drive face, pull out the tray.


If this problem persists, it may not necessarily be a fault with your drive... It may be a problem with a program you may have installed...
Are you running any sort of application that makes your CD/DVD drive behave as if it was a Floppy drive ... i.e. "on the fly data saving" ?

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