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not_vanilla September 12th, 2007 07:58 AM

~~HELP PLEASE~~ New Confused User! Getting the "ACQUIRE THE LICENSE" message !
:rolleyes_2: Hi everyone...

I am new here and need someone's HELP Please.
I have downloaded many songs, but my MP3 says I need to "ACQUIRE THE LICENSE" from my PC to play them. :confused:

I don't know where to find the place to do that or how to do it. Can anyone Help Please? I would be forever greatful to you. :aweof:


ursula September 12th, 2007 09:12 AM

The following is thanks to the wonderful muhctekdano...

Microsoft Digital Rights Management
Windows Media Player uses Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to preserve the rights of content owners who protect their music or video products in this manner. You must have a DRM license in order to play protected content.

If you acquire protected content from a music or video service, you may receive the associated license at the same time. If not, when Windows Media Player tries to use a protected file that does not have a current license, Windows Media Player will attempt to acquire the license for you. This can be done through your online store, or directly from a license server on the Internet.

License Acquisition
If there is an online store associated with the protected file, software installed on your computer by the online store may obtain the license before you play the content. If this software requests any data from you or collects any additional information automatically, this data will be subject to the online store's privacy practices.

If the online store did not supply a license, or if the protected content is not associated with any of your online stores, Windows Media Player will request a license directly from a license server on the Internet. The license server's Web address is specified in the protected file; most license servers are operated by companies other than Microsoft. When requesting a license, Windows Media Player will provide the license server standard computer information, an ID for the music or video file, the action you have requested (such as play or burn), information about the DRM components on your computer such as their revision and security levels, and a unique identifier for your computer. The unique identifier is used only to generate a license for your computer and, because it is enclosed in an encrypted license request, is not available to the license server in a way that uniquely identifies you or your computer.

By default, Windows Media Player will automatically attempt to acquire a license silently unless the license server requires some input from you (such as registration information or a fee). You can turn off automatic license acquisition. If you do so, you will be prompted to obtain a license for any new content that requires one. To prevent Windows Media Player from acquiring licenses automatically, do the following:

On the Tools menu, click Options.
On the Privacy tab, clear the Acquire licenses automatically for protected content check box.

Please note that this setting does not affect license acquisition from online stores.


I assume that you are using Windows Media Player, but if not, please reply - well, reply anyway !!! - and let us know what you are using for a player


not_vanilla September 12th, 2007 04:08 PM

Still don't get it
Yes urs I am using Windows media Player. I went to [1] Tools, [2] Options...but there is no check box that you talk about.

I am about ready to give up on Limewire as i can't listen to anything I downloaded. I may just go back to Napster, as I like them lots better. It costs a little but is much more USER FRIENDLY!


arne_bab September 13th, 2007 12:10 AM

You should instead give up Windows Media Player :)

There are far superior and free alternatives, for example the videolan client:
VideoLAN - Free Software and Open Source video streaming solution for every OS!

And only download songs, whoose names end in ".mp3" or ".ogg".
Reason: Welcome to | Digital Restrictions Management

Besides: You stumbled into the Phex Forum with your question, which also is a Gnutella p2p Program, but isn't LimeWire.

Maybe that had a reason, and you should give Phex a try...

Have a nice day :)

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