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lacubanita18 July 17th, 2008 02:04 PM

help me please?? (can only d/l mp3's)
hii i need help bcs i downloaded phex bcs limewire only downloaded music with mp3 and now in phex is the same thing it only downloads mp3. and my stereo dosen't play mp3.:mad::yikes:

Manifest0 July 20th, 2008 05:33 PM

Do you get video results? See if in the "search filter options" do you have set "any type" in the option "file type"

Best regards.

ursula July 20th, 2008 07:14 PM

'Any Type' is a bit on the heavy side ;), but NOT necessarily a bad thing to try if you get no joy from first using...

'Audio Files'...

Filter choice is NOT the problem, here !

Now, don't think I don't understand you, please.. I assume that you HAVE been trying 'Audio Files' as the type for your music file searches... OK ?

What YOU do not understand is that probably 98% of ALL of the music files that are available for you to download are going to be .mp3 type files... OK ?

It is no big deal like rocket science for you to take those .mp3 files that you get and either convert them separately to a file type that you can burn to a CD that will play in a NORMAL CD player... OR, take those same .mp3 files that YOU decide you want to put on a CD and do the whole convert .mp3 and burn to CD thing in one easy go !!!

There are many ways to do this... some are really easy... some will make you want to smash your monitor and put the garden hose on your computer !!!

Got Me ?

Now, don't panic and don't rush... There are 100s of nice crazy people here who will help you do what you want to do !!!
And, all you want to do is steal music and put it on a CD so you can play it on your normal CD player, right ?

Easy, and the fun people here will show you how to do it !

But, you must accept..
In the beginning, PATIENCE IS THE SECRET WORD !!!

Somebody may also answer you and tell you to look in a different 'forum' from this one.. Don't worry.
All the stuff you need to learn is simple, RIGHT ?
More simple than you can, at this moment, believe... ;)

luego, Anita !

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