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sleepybear91 July 30th, 2017 10:22 PM

? Best music file results in 2017 ?
Hi friends of the forum, Just wondering what your experiences are for receiving music files nowadays? I am getting less results for music files anymore running Wireshare's latest version. Finding more and more videos, pictures, etc. but less music being shared. Not like the Limewire of old. Anyone running a different format having better luck I am wondering?:confused:

Lord of the Rings July 31st, 2017 08:23 AM

One artist I like I got around 290 search results first search. Disappointed only just over 25% (around 80) had ID3 tag information that showed album, artist, album art, extra info, etc. Similar for other audio searches.
But on the other hand pleased to see a few albums offered as flac (compressed lossless quality.) That's using WireShare

ID3 tags help the songs to be properly catalogued in music libraries. Example: iTunes library. Otherwise the songs end up in a jumble at the bottom of the library with no artist or album information (and on disk drive all these are sorted into a jumble within an unknown artist folder.) Although sometimes the artist name & album is incorporated within the mp3 filename, it still ends up in a jumble.

ID3 tags also help people finding the desired songs with searches on the network. WireShare does have a built-in tool (information window) where tags can be added, but they can only be added one file at a time. Unlike LimeWire 4 (or FrostWire 4) where multiple files could be tagged simultaneously. I can't remember whether WireShare uses ID3 v.1 or v.2.

For MacOSX I use a program called Media Rage for inputting ID3 data onto the mp3's, very easy & fast. I use XLD for Lame mp3 encoding (or any other audio format encoding/decoding.) XLD is known as the best audio ripper for MacOSX. And lame mp3 is far superior to iTunes middle of the road mp3 encoding. iTunes ID3 is greatly limited to the number of characters that can be added (or seen) in descriptions.

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