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Unregistered July 20th, 2001 05:56 PM

'Launch' starts WMP, not deault mp3 player
The Limewire docs say that pressing the 'Launch' button will open your default player and play the file but when I press it, it opens the file with Windows Media Player.

I first installed Lime on a machine that had WMP set up as the default but that I than changed to another app as default.
Thinking that could be the problem, I installed Lime on a second machine on which I had already installed and made the default Thompson's mp3PRO, but the result is the same.

(I can open the 'shared' folder, click on a file and it *will* open with the default player.)

I switched from WMP because the sound quality of many of the files I was getting was so poor as to be almost unlistenable; once I changed players, these same files were emminently listenable - unfortunately, I had deleted several 'bad' files before I discovered this :(

Is this a bug in Lime or is there something I'm doing wrong?


KathW July 21st, 2001 08:19 AM

MP3 Players
I read what you had to say about different players and the varying quality, with interest.

I have been using WMP recently (user friendly) but had used RealPlayer before (not user friendly (in my opinion)).

I had a few files that had what could be described as high pitched squeeks - so I deleted them. I d/l them again but some still had the problem.

When I read what you had to say, it prompted me to have a change. So I d/l a newer version of RealPlayer. What a difference - no squeeks on the one remaining file I had that I thought I was going to have to download again.

But to really check this out I tried playing that file again with WMP and guess what - it's OK on that player too now.

The only thing I can think of is that there was a problem somewhere and this new version has fixed the problem in both. Very strange.

I tried launching it and it played OK in there as well.

The sound quality in both players is 100% better.

One thing that I have found - is that when in WMP you switch from the Media Library to Playing Now whilst playing, the squeeks come back, but if you start the track again they go!

So anyway, your post has help me sort my problem out Pity I had deleted some of the files that were bad.

Don't know about the default problem I've not looked at that yet.

Thanks very much :D


KathW July 23rd, 2001 01:45 PM

Default Player
I've tried 3 times to post this - I've had to log out and disconnect and then get back on - it kept throwing me off in the middle.

Hi - sorry I took so long

Associating files

Open - Explorer
then - View
then - Folder Options
then - File Types

A window will open naming all the types of files that you can associate an application with.

If you click on one you will see that it shows each type of file and underneath in 'Opens With' you can type in what application you want to open MP3's

I've not tried this - so check it out carefully - write down all your original settings first.

Goood Luck!

I don't remember this being so messy in Win 3.1 - which is when I last used it.

Kath :D

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