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deepblue September 1st, 2004 09:43 PM

Windoze Users: Look Here Before Posting
In this thread I will address the most common problems LimeWire window$ users encounter. Remember to always search the forums for other posts on the same topic before you post. And always post in the right forum, or you will have to endure the wrath of the moderators. Also, please remember that it is not necessary to make your posts as short as possible! Take as many words as you need to clearly explain either your problem(s) or your comments or your Help and Suggestions for others. And, very important, always write a clear and to the point title for your posts or threads! "Help!?", is not enough! NOTE: Please DO NOT reply to this thread. If you have a question create your own thread, or if there is a problem with any link or conflict with information accuracy please PM me.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Go here

Lost or Non-Existent Shared Folder

By default your downloaded files go to this directory: C:/Program Files/LimeWire/Shared. If a folder called "Shared" does not appear under the Library tab, or if you for some strange reason stopped sharing it, this is how to get it back. Click on the LimeWire icon on your desktop to run the LW program. Then go to the Library tab and click file>add a folder to share. A box will come up (on mine it goes to the LW root file) you must navigate to the LW shared folder or the folder you keep the files you want to share in. This is a little off topic but I don't recommend sharing more than 500 files for IP security issues.

Whatever you try you can't seem to get LimeWire to connect.

A lot of connection problems are caused not by LW but by how your computer and some of its software is configured. Most connection problems are caused by a firewall. You must configure your firewall to allow incoming and outgoing connections on port 6346. You can consult your firewalls user manual if you have one, or consult the publisher’s website or contact a qualified professional to assist you in configuring your firewall. NOTE: ALTHOUGH DISABLING YOUR FIREWALL IS A GOOD WAY TO TEST IF THAT IS THE PROBLEM, YOU SHOULD NEVER PERMANTELY DISABLE IT JUST TO USE LIMEWIRE. Another reason you may not be able to get connected is because your ISP (internet service provider) or LAN (Local Area Network) may block file sharing or Gnutella. The only way to find out for sure if that is true is to call your ISP or your network administrator Also, most college networks block sharing and/or Gnutella. Although there are ways to get around it, I'm not about to tell you how. If none of the above is the problem then look here: Also if you are an AOL 9.0 user you could have an embedded firewall blocking your connection. Look here: Follow this link to check if port 6346 is open.

You can't resume the files in the incomplete folder

Try doing a specific search and then resuming. If you cannot download a file and a message other than "Downloading from..." is displayed is usually caused by busy, meaning that they have no free upload slots left for you, or unavailable hosts. Try searching again and downloading from a different host. TIP: Do NOT try to run a large number of 'Pending Downloads' at the same time.

LimeWire Pro Questions, Problems and Information

For any problems with LimeWire Pro that are related to LimeWire Pro Install Files, lost 'passwords' and other matters of a business and registration nature, click on this link > or You can also contact LimeWire’s customer support via their website through e-mail if posting in the forums did not solve your problems.

I feel inclined to thank Ursula for her time, help, and patience with me and this thread. I would also like to say that I have spent hours on this thread to try to make your life easier, so be thankful.

If this thread did not answer your question feel free to make your own thread. I hope your LimeWire experience has been a positive one!


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