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OliverB February 20th, 2005 05:28 AM

Please Help w/ PLAY LIST...
Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but I just downloaded LW this morning and can't for the life of me, find any "add to playlist" keys in the interface. I'm going on a road trip in a couple of days and am trying to compile a massive compilation to burn but I'd like to be able to organize the tracks in a playlist so that I can arrange them properly. Can somebody please explain how I might go about doing this?

Thanks a lot!

Lord of the Rings February 20th, 2005 06:07 AM

Hi OliverB: This page will show you how to add songs to your LW media player's playlist. Once you've created you playlist you can save it as an m3u file. This playlist can then be opened by any of your other audio players that can understand the m3u playlist format. I think WMP will read it but I'm not sure.

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: A playlist is simply a reference to the songs. So don't move the songs out of your LW downld folder (by default is called 'Shared') until you've finished with them! If you do your playlist won't be able to find some of the songs.
After opening the songs in your other player, you may be able to import the songs themselves if you know how. You can do this in iTunes (by consolidating the library.)

I hope this answers your question. :)

Other CD burning help here:

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