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smokie420 May 23rd, 2005 01:21 PM

wmp error details
I don't know much about computers as you may read if you find any posts of mine. However I've been haveing alot of problems with wmp and limewire ( dont know if errors are related to limewire and wmp) I will play a song in wmp then maybe later decide to play it again and it'll be highlighted in orange in my playlist (wmp playlist) and I click on error details and it says the file was renamed, moved, or deleted and it has not been!!! I've checked it in limewire , its still there???? Or should I just concider useing another free program to play my music ( I dont enjoy it when its being played in limewire) Thanks in advance!!
(keep up the good work)

Lord of the Rings May 23rd, 2005 11:01 PM

There is apparently a bit of a bug that if you change the id3 tag using LW after having added the song to WMP's playlist, then wmp struggles to read it. This is odd. This is a bug b/w LW & wmp.

Alternative players ... well there's so many. A good one is QCD: which has in-built codecs but still you can add more codecs from their site. It plays everything.
Then there's iTunes, like or hate it, its strength is that it has its own music library. So if you add a song, it goes straight to iTunes own music library. It has other strengths also. It also allows the new downlds to be listed as a LW playlist within iTunes (but this is only a playlist - you need to add the songs separately to be added to iTunes own library.)

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