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marchend January 9th, 2006 08:45 AM

***Virus Searches and Downloads That Don't Work ***
I have very good up to date antivirus software, spy sweeper software, ad-aware software, bugdoctor software and registry mechanic software. So I would say I'm pretty well covered for all eventualities.

Yet, whenever I do a seach for a program, all I seem to keep getting is this bessed file size virus (851.7KB) displayed in the results list. I have tried doing the double click on 'size' tag as has been suggested by 'Lord Of The Rings' but it makes no difference.
On the odd occassion I have download a large program file, I then find out that it doen't work, which really makes me mad.

I have no problems with Mp3 files just programs.

Is there anything that can be done? otherwise there is not allot of point having this software if I can only download music files.



Lord of the Rings January 9th, 2006 08:46 AM

Spamming the forum now are we. Double-posting is not allowed on the forums.

Have you been using the Junk filter to filter them out? It's a learning filter not a set filter. It's dynamic. So you need to keep adding the spam to the filter so it eventually filters them all out. Virii are the most difficult to filter out ... it takes the longest. Whereas the ipod & clinton audio spam only takes about 2 searches to filter out completely. Don't forget there's also keyword filters. You can filter out extensions such as .ace, .exe or .wmv, etc.

You should also look at your search techniques. It sounds like all you're getting is spam because there are no results for what you're searching for or the terms you use to search aren't ideal to finding the target files. Vary your search criteria.

If you want those sponsored companies that spam the network win, well that's up to you. You don't have to use LW or any other p2p program/network. It's a problem with all p2p nowadays. Have you heard of Overpeer? Google it!

marchend January 9th, 2006 09:00 AM

Virus and dowloads
Hi Lord Of the Rings,
This is all still new to me. I have taken onboard what you have sudggested and added the file extentions to the filter list.

I'm still not sure what you mean about changing the way I seach for things. When I do a search for a program, I click on the 'Program' button and then in the drop down menu fill in the relevent boxes with the imformation required, then click 'Search'. This produces a list of what I am looking for but all with file size 815.7KB next to each item in the list, which I know is not right.



Lord of the Rings January 9th, 2006 09:10 AM

Well, I more often than not do Any Type searches as I find it tends to bring it a few more results or the odd ones a specific type search won't find. By varying the search I mean vary the title such as shortening it or using another name it might be used by, etc. I can't very well give examples for program due to forum rules about Warez. But perhaps Company name only or program only or both together. Or the area that it is used for such as graphics or video or audio or ... In those cases though I would probably use the specific program type search. From experience I can tell you that some people only come online to share maybe a couple of days a week or one week a month, etc. So try searching for the items at different times & days. There's also a chance nobody is sharing what you're after.

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