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funkymonkey April 16th, 2006 07:16 PM

Bulk inputing for "Filter Hosts"?
I am attempting to use the "Shareaza Security Filter 5.5" XML file as a starting point for blocking bad hosts in Limewire. I used Excel to extract just the IP addresses and save to a text file in Notebook, then tried to cut and paste the whole list into the "Filter Hosts" window and it did not accept the list with either [RETURN] or [/] between each IP#. Is it possible to input more than one banned host at a time? If not where is the list of banned hosts stored, and can it be edited externally? Does a list like this exit for the LimeWire community?

Thank you in advance for your consideration, FunkyMonkey.

funkymonkey April 18th, 2006 12:38 PM

Thank you Mr. Hobo, while this list seems more thourough than the shareaza filter, I still have the same dificulty in inputing more than one banned host at the same time. To use this list I would have to cut and paste each bad host one at a time into the filter host window, what I am really looking for is the location where the list of banned hosts is stored within Limewire so that I can edit and add IPs to that list in bulk. In the meantime I have started to use Peerguardian to keep the snoops out of my drawers.


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