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Walt Page December 12th, 2008 08:53 PM

Wont burn on my computers
I have a new Toshiba lap top with 4 g mem and a 250 hd. I have downloaded 20 songs on to limewire but cannot get them to burn to a cd. My previous computer did this and I thought it was the drives on it and bought this new one and still the same thng. It looks as though its burning, but none of the discs will play in any of the 3 players I have. Just read out "error" in the face of the unit. How do I get the files over to Windows Media Player and see if I can use it to burn the songs? I would appreciate any help I can get......:eek:

birdy December 12th, 2008 09:58 PM

So you're not seeing any error during the burning process? Which program have you been using to burn your CDs?

First off - are you burning Audio CDs or mp3 CDs? Don't burn an mp3 CD. You might have all mp3 files to put on the CD, but that doesn't mean that you need to burn an mp3 CD... mp3 CDs are a bit different to normal audio CDs... an mp3 CD burns the songs in compressed format. Lots of players (specially older ones) can't play mp3 CDs. Try burning again & when you're asked to choose the type of CD that you want to burn, choose Audio CD;)

What kind of discs are you burning to? If you're using CD-RW (re-writable discs that you can use over & over again), lots of players won't play those either. Try burning to a CD-R disc instead & burn at a slow speed - not the maximum speed. You should see an option somewhere to choose your burn speed.

The link below has info about how to transfer files to WMP & info about burning with WMP:)

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