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taurbull March 1st, 2009 06:31 AM

Problem with burning an audio CD from Itunes. Please help!
I am having problems trying to burn an audio CD from Itunes that I can play on my CD player. Every time I put a cd in to record I click on audio CD, and choose X24 as my recording speed (whish has worked ok for me before).

The problem is that this has only just started to happen, and my disc either gets recorded in Mp3 format (which I don't want), or I get numerous 'error' messages appearing, these consists of 'error message 4000' or similar.

I also get 'cancelling burn' messages, and sometimes it just spits the CD out as well! This can't all be down to a duff disc, so it must be to do with my settings somewhere.

Of course, this also ruins my blank cds, and I have gone through a few already that have been ruined which is really annoying.

I don't know what has happened here as I am not aware that I have purposely changed anything in Itunes.

I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me with this matter please, as I don't want to waste any more discs.


Lord of the Rings March 1st, 2009 03:24 PM

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Firstly, play through all the songs you wish to burn. Make sure they are ok & not corrupt before you burn them to disk. :)

Secondly, whilst 24x is ok, if possible, burn at a slower speed if the disk type you are using allows it. I think 24x is maximum iTunes allows, try a lower speed if possible. CD-R's will normally give options of burning to 4 or 8 or 12 or 16, etc. speeds. Choosing the minimum speed is always best for audio or video disks. (You can choose faster for data disks.) * Make sure you choose Audio CD format & not mp3 disk.

Thirdly, choose reasonable brand CD-R's. Not made in China or Taiwan. Cheapest disks will give poor results, probably last less than 12 months before playback problems or distortion starts, and also be less reliable to burn to.

Image sample below is Mac OSX iTunes so might look a little different. :)


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