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Lord of the Rings December 16th, 2013 12:56 PM

Updated lists late 2013
Well the topic is partially true. I had not released a connection or hostiles list since early September. I have partially updated both lists in the hope both will be a little more effective. BS connection lists have a habit of going out of date rather quickly. I will spend more time on this late in the month.

Data collected from 7-10 Sept, a few days over late October and recent days using BearShare, and some other odd days using other gnutella clients.
The hostiles has a small addition but not as much as is probably warranted. Again, I'll re-look that issue by end of month. (One of my BS was continually getting stung by a spammer I had added in September but the list it was using was from a week earlier. This is an example of how long spammers can stick around with same address. And in September saw several first seen early in the year.)

A minor improvement to the lists is better than none at all. :notsure:

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