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BBB August 11th, 2005 07:46 PM

Imesh 5.2
I am trying to set up imesh 5.2 with zone alarm and I am not sure what udp/tcp ports I have to keep open. Is there not a standard udp/tcp port that I can set up in zone alarm since everytime I use imesh 5.2 it comes up with a different udp/tcp port that it opens in zone alarm and ends up flooding zone alarm with pages and pages of alerts. And then the next time I use imesh it uses a different udp/tcp port in zone alarm firewall than the previous time, so what I wanted to know or do is just set up zone alarm firewall to open to that udp/tcp so that when I use Imesh 5.2 with zone alarm firewall, what udp/tcp ports would I have to keep open, so I don't manually have to change them everytime I want to use Imesh 5.2. In imesh 5.2 I configured my zone alarm to use udp/tcp for port 6346, but even though I did that when I ran imesh and put port 6346 for connections in my options it always defaults to some other upd/tcp port in zone alarm firewall even though I put to allow tcp/udp port 6346. I am new to all of this and would greatly appreciate if someone can tell me how to set up my zone alarm firewall and imesh 5.2 so that I don't have to manually set up my zone alarm firewall settings every time I want to use Imesh 5.2. Is there no standard udp/tcp port that imesh 5.2 uses that I can set in zone alarm firewall and leave the settings at that, instead of imesh using different tcp/udp ports every time I use it since it always changes the udp/tcp port than the last time I ran Imesh. I would appreciate it anyone can help me configure my zone alarm firewall and imesh 5.2 since I am new to all this. Thanks in advance

et voilą August 11th, 2005 07:57 PM

Sorry to be no help, but I would have to install imesh just to help you on that port thing. I don't recall imesh switching ports at each launch in 5.2... You'll have to go in imesh options for sure.

Anyway, imesh is viewed as a newbie tool. There are much better programs out there and they don't have the "imesh bar". You are here, at gnutellaforums, and if you like that network, I recommand LimeWire or BearShare Lite. They are both free, much better for Gnutella and use the same port across launches.


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